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When is the monthly Legion meeting? Except for the month of July, the Legion meeting is the second Wednesday of the month at 7 PM.

As a Legion member can I go into other Legions and socialize?    Yes, but anytime you enter any Legion you must show a current membership card. 

What is the Paid up for Life program? Paid Up For Life membership is a lifelong membership plan of The American Legion. It ensures you receive all the benefits of Legion membership for life. Once you fulfill your membership dues, you’ll never pay another dime in American Legion membership. 

I was on the internet looking at the paid up for life program and it asked me for my membership ID#, how do I get that?   Your membership ID# is on your current membership card. 

Can I submit an address change online?   Yes, you can change most of your record information, including your address, on our website at

When are American Legion dues due? Membership in The American Legion is based on a calendar-year from January 1st to December 31st. Staring in the month of July renewal letters are sent out allowing you to pay for next year’s dues. 

Do I need to mail my yearly dues, or can I bring the money into the Legion   Yes, you can pay your membership at the Legion. Give your information and money to the bartender in an envelope. 

Can anybody rent the social hall for an event?  Yes, members or nonmembers can rent the social hall. All arrangements are made thru the bar manager. 

How do I get a key card so that I don’t have to push the buzzer every time to get in the building? Give your name and information to the bartender and she will put you on the list. The first key card is free, if you lose it, there is a charge for a replacement. 

When I get a key card, will it work at another American legion? No, it will only be programmed for the Danville, American Legion. 

Sometimes I am not permitted to smoke inside the legion, when is it?  When the Legion has a special event that is open to members and non-Legion members and when the social hall is rented for a private event. 

When I am not allowed to smoke inside the Legion, can I go outside and smoke?   Yes, but you have to be a minimum of twenty-five feet from the entrance. This can be determined by looking for where the Cigarette Ash buckets are located. 

How will I know if it is a nonsmoking period inside the Legion?  All of the ash trays are removed from the bar area. 

Why doesn’t the legion sell six packs to go? Due to the Legion being a private club, no alcohol purchased at the bar is permitted outside the building

How do I find out about all the different Programs at the Legion to help veterans? The Service Officer is good place to start. Doug Resseguie, Phone: (570) 271-3061 Cell: (570) 849-6033 Email:


Why does the Legion have different membership eligibility service dates than the VFW? Both are veteran organizations, but they each have their own eligibility requirements.

I was called a Legionnaire, what is that? Legionnaire is the name given to American Legion veterans who meet the qualifying active duty war time dates